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Our company

Urban Konstruct Studio, Inc. has extensive experience in the design, construction, project supervision and management of various residential, commercial, retail, office, industrial and institutional projects.


Who we are

Urban Konstruct Studio, Inc, a fountain head of fresh and innovative designs, ideas and concepts, aims to become a name to be associated with excellence in the field of Interior and Exterior Architecture. With the aid of computer design systems and an effective method in design presentation, our ideas come out to help solve the client’s architectural requirements.


What we do

Urban Konstruct Studio, Inc. an Architectural Design Firm by practice offers diverse professional services ranging from Project Conceptualization, Planning, Interior/Exterior Design & Consultation, Project Management & Supervision, Project Estimates and Construction Management providing complete and qualified professional support from start to finish to satisfy its clients needs. To further ensure quality control in the design and implementation during construction, a close personal supervision is maintained throughout the duration of the project.


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